To Øl CPH (DK) - Christmas Pack 2019

Pure Fyr: For this beer, we wanted to highlight one of Christmas' main ingredients - pine. We brewed a fairly oat heavy beer, which was then dry-hopped with cryo Centennial and Simcoe. After the dry-hop was completed, we then added fresh hand-picked pine needles, which we then circulated the beer over. The pine and hop aroma balance and compliment each other, without either being to dominant.

Maler Byen Rød: For this beer, we brewed a base with a very high percentage of light and dark crystal malts. This gives the beer a beautiful dark red color, and a big depth of flavor. We then added a whole lot of Turkish figs, freshly ground nutmeg, cinnamon and a bit of dark brown sugar. The beer was then circulated over the fruit and spices several hours in order balance the flavors exactly.

Queen’s Vinand & Any Port Sort: Any Port Sort is a Russian Imperial Stout, based almost 1:1 on a homebrew recipe by our brewer Chris. This beer features a very complex malt bill, using various chocolate malts, light crystal, multiple types of roasted malts and a whole lot of oats. We also used chocolate in almost every step of the brew.
After fermentation we added hand processed Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, Belgian cacao nibs and fantastic Kenyan coffee from our friends at Coffee Collective.
This beer is best enjoyed out of a glass, where the CO2 carries a lot of the coffee aroma. And as the beer warms, the chocolate really starts to shine.

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