Northern Monk (UK) - Patrons Project 22.01 // Pastry Stout // 6%

This stout was brewed with a plentiful mix of different grains, ranging from flaked oats to boost mouthfeel, a mix of different roasted barley varieties for layers of chocolate and liquorice character plus some special B crystal malt which is rich in berry notes. We wanted this beer to be as rich and full in mouthfeel as possible so we also added lactose and maltodextrin to the boil, very complex sugars with low fermentability. In fermentation we added raspberry puree to give a ‘jammy’ depth to our cake interpretation, cherry puree alongside and then spun through toasted coconut flakes. They not only contribute flavour but a silky mouthfeel as a result of their oil content, as well as a touch of vanilla as a good base for bringing the custard character to the mix.

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