AF Brew (RUS) - 235 // Barley Wine // 15.8%

Ten months ago we announced our 200th variety. It was an American barleywine, but not a simple one. For example, this was our first barleywine, which could not be called a barleywine because someone there decided that "barley wine" was wine, not beer. ⠀ Barleywine is by definition a variety for "bad boys": in addition to the powerful and insidious malt base, the long boil of the 200th was loaded with a "barrel of jam" - maple syrup, and a "basket of cookies" - its role was played by "anaerobic Ethiopia with milk" in tandem with unabi, she is jujuba, she is "Chinese date". ⠀ Jujube leaves, when chewed, temporarily paralyze the perception of sweet, spicy and bitter tastes, completely preserving the subject's ability to feel salty, sour and pain. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we did not get the leaves, and we used dried fruits that really resemble the classic date. ⠀ Almost a year passed almost imperceptibly, and the time has come to roll out variety 235. This is a forced and modified version of last year's "200", survived eight difficult months in bourbon barrels and has grown to almost 16% ABV.

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