Pöhjala (EST) - Cellar Series: Kolumbus Krisostomus // Imp. Brown Ale // 10.6%

Aged in ex Madeira wine and bourbon barrels. Its deep mahagony tinted brown appearance holds an aroma of oak, sweet dark sugar, cinnamon, allspice and raisins. In the first sip you can taste sweet wine soaked sultanas and chestnuts, which are joined by perfectly burnt toast, hints of exotic liquorice, and even a light mint character. The flavour is leaded by roasty, nutty characters with a supporting cast of dark sugars, sweet lactose and smooth crystal malts, playing with rich tannins from the wine companioned with just a touch of alcohol. In this intercontinental contemporary brown ale, bourbon brings warmth of the new world, whilst the old world is well represented by the ex wine.

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