Hop Hooligans (RO) - Angry Salty Lava Men // Stout // 6%

 Water, Grains(Maris Otter, Munich, Oats (golden naked, flaked), Chocolate spelt, Dextrin, Pale chocolate, Caramunich, Black, T50, Roasted barley), Maltodextrin, Cocoa nibs, Yeast, Hops, Himalayan black salt

You hear that rhythmic, deafened rumble underneath your feet? The sporadic battle-like drumming, thumping at the very ground you stand on, sending chilling reverberations up to your heart and mind.

Something dark is brewing in the depths, a boiling mass of creatures starting a march-like dance, conducted by a savage, long-forgotten song, still echoing through the crevices of this old Earth.

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