Bereta (RO) x Dealbreaker (HU) - Mercury Fountain // DDH Imp. Stout // 9.5%

American Imperial Stout double dry hopped w. Simcoe, Citra and Sabro. Combining two of our absolute favourite things in brewing, thick double mashed imperial stouts and vibrant American hops, Mercury Fountain is a keeper not to miss out.

The agressive hop cocktail of Citra, Sabro, Chinook and Simcoe leads the main aroma notes, whilst the taste has a chewy toffee, chocolate and nougat core layered with citric hop resins; and all these are rounded by a touch of coconut flakes we added to the boil.

Mercury Fountain is an enigmatic experience, a play with our senses, liquid salvation poured in a glass, a true beast and we are super proud to have it unleashed finally.

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