Zichovec (CZ) - 10 Years of... Collection


10 Years of Tradition - When we decided what beers to brew for our 10th anniversary, we could not forget about one particular group of our fans. With this beer we celebrate with all of you who seek us out for our lagers, be it Krahulíks or many of the other specials we make. It offers a full complex body with pleasant but pronounced hopping with Czech varieties Sládek, Saaz and Harmonie. 

10 Years of Innovation - One of our three 10th anniversary beers was brewed in spirit of all the innovations - new trends, new styles, new brewing techniques and technologies. We introdice the lightly postmodern Pastry Sour with blackcurrant, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup and lactose. With this complex flavour vortex, we'll celebrate our first decade with the experimental ones amongst you.

10 Years of Happiness - It's been already 10 years since you and we started sharing the most important thing - happiness, happiness from new memories, new trends, new friends. And since 2019, this happiness has been carried by our flagship New England IPA Nectar of Happiness. The anniversary version has a higher portion of the cryo version of Citra, making it juicier and tastier.

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