Dugges (SWE) - Happy // Imp. Stout // 17.1%

Jamaica Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Very Vanilla Stout. This beer and its sibling Birthday is why we started our barrel-aging program Future here at Dugges. It's why we, over and over again, fall in love with barrel-aged beer. And what makes all that hard work worthwhile. These beers have developed even better than we anticipated. At the same time, they are beyond our wildest dreams and precisely what we want to do. The recipe for success? Take a fantastic base beer, so full of vanilla it's insane. Take exceptional Jamaican Rum barrels that smell like a deluxe pirate ship from the hay days of whenever there were deluxe pirates. Take time. Long yet fleeting, beautiful and precious time. What do you get? You get the future. Our future. Your future. And at the same time, when you sip it, you'll not want to be or experience anything else than the very present. Happy Birthday, Station Linné!

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