Polly's (UK) - This Never Happened // QIPA // 13%


Two QIPAs almost a year apart from each other. Whilst our first dip into the Quad game was a tribute to the loveable, rickety, woodbound brew kit that carried us through our first three years as an active brewery, This Never Happened is a salute to where we are now as a team, and where we're going in the future. Pushing the boundaries as far as we possibly can, this is comfortably the biggest beer we've brewed to date - utilizing almost a tonne of malt, and with a 15kg addition of Mosaic in the whirlpool to offset the natural sweetness of this beer, we've gone with the biggest dry-hop charge we've ever commissioned into a beer to impart all manner of tropical punchbowl flavours into the mix. Another 25kg of Mosaic? Go on then. 15kg and 10kg of Citra and Idaho 7? Bring it on. 10 and 5kg of Cryo Simcoe and Cryo Idaho 7? You're just spoiling us now. A soupy, pulpy, certified hop bomb of a beer, positively dripping with a medley of berries, pineapple, mango, passionfruit, and papaya, before just a whisper of pithy bitterness keeps everything in check.

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