Pöhjala (EST) - Cellar Series: Laugas 2017 // Imperial Gruit // 12.3%

Pöhjala (EST) - Cellar Series: Laugas 2017 // Imperial Gruit // 12.3%
"Laugas (The Bog Pond) is our final new beer of 2017 and a beer style that we are brewing for the first time.
It's a 12.3% abv Imperial Gruit - a traditional ale brewed with foraged bog herbs, caraway seeds and juniper berries.
The beer is copper in colour, with a quickly dissipating beige head.
On the nose, bourbon vanilla and toffee come through at first, joined by hints of a jammy berry character. As the head dissipates some aromas of farmhouse bread spice start to dominate, before being joined by a sweet and spicy herbal character - rosemary, eucalyptus and more
On the palate, rich sweet malty notes come through, before being dashed through with the somehow citrusy taste of juniper berries drying by a fireplace. Earthy spices then appear, including long forgotten herbal aromas that are strangely familiar, as if remembering a childhood hike through nature, or the wild, gnarly, primeval end of your grandmothers herb garden.
As the beer warms, even the bitterness starts coming through as a rounded, medicinal quality rather than aggressive hops.
Finally, the gentle carbonation lifts the creamy notes from the bourbon barrels, adding a delicate smoothness to the beer."

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