Baghaven Blending (DK) - Special Reserve Blueberry 2021 // Wild Ale // 6.5%


Blueberries can be a tricky fruit to ferment, and while we've enjoyed our past blueberry beer (I Found My Thrill), we wanted to elevate the blueberry experience to another level....

We took freshly harvested organic Danish blueberries and cold macerated them for one week to help increase fruitiness. After the cold maceration, in which no alcoholic fermentation occurs, we immediately pressed the blueberries and blended the juice with equal portions of one-year-old Danish Wild Ale.

After aging for 4 months in oak we bottled the beer young to preserve its freshness.

The result is a an intense blueberry rush with mild sherry notes, a restrained acidity, with lots of funk.

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