Mikkeller (DK) x Moksa (US) - Beer Geek Viking Melk // Imp. Stout // 11.2%

Every year the California Craft Brewers Association puts on a conference where California breweries along with some special guest get together and share their knowledge and experiences. This year the conference was held in Sacramento and the special guest was the Mikkeller team from Copenhagen. After being contacted by their owner, Mikkel, informing us of his arrival we immediately penciled in a day to collaborate on an Imperial Stout. We wanted to use an ingredient we have never used as well as a product from Copenhagen. We decided on using fresh Dulce de Leche and cacao nibs from his new chocolatier, Bean Geeks. To create a few more layers of flavor we also threw in some coffee roasted from Mostra coffee as well as some Ugandan vanilla beans. The resulting taste is a balance of all those ingredients as well as the usually flavors of a big roasty stout. Not one ingredient overpowers one another. The dulce de leche provides a subtle caramel backbone in the beer while the chocolate, vanilla beans and coffee add a big rich dessert like quality to the beer.

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